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Updating Wiki GitHub to Google Docs with the NYTimes Library

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oon arfiandwi
oon arfiandwi
keep it simple, s!

After several months of using a wiki with GitHub as the back-end and editing with Gollum, as I mentioned in article below, I have become intrigued by the wiki platform that my office has been using.

Mengelola Wiki di GitHub dengan Gollum
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My office use Google Docs as one of its document collaboration suite tools. With the additional of open-source software from NYTimes, called Library 1, we can generate a wiki from online documents. These documents are stored on Google Drive and are created using Google Docs.

I employed container-based app to install the wiki with Library. First, I downloaded the Dockerfile from the latest release 2, then I build my Docker image based on that Dockerfile. Once the build process was complete, I used the container image to run my wiki instance.

$ cd wiki_oo/
$ ls
$ docker build -t oonid/wiki-library:1.5.1 .

$ docker run --name wiki_oo --env-file .env \
    -p -d oonid/wiki-library:1.5.1

Library built with JavaScript (Node.js). What particularly interests me is the process of parsing the Google Docs file and then generating static HTML from it. 🤔

Image courtesy of the NYTimes Open Team: