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Install PostgreSQL (PGDG) in Linux with Key is stored in legacy trusted.gpg keyring
·372 words·2 mins
Linux PostgreSQL gpg
Kubuntu on ThinkPad with TrackPoint and TouchPad Elantech Problem
·340 words·2 mins
New Year: Fresh Beginnings of 2024
·110 words·1 min
hello world blog sport


New Theme 2023
·95 words·1 min
Hugo blog theme Firebase Cloudflare
Duolingo English Test: Result Score Level C1 (130)
·285 words·2 mins
Duolingo English English Test
More Than Six Million Photo Views on Google Maps
·128 words·1 min
Google Maps Local Guide
Updating Wiki GitHub to Google Docs with the NYTimes Library
·204 words·1 min
Wiki NYTimes Library Google Docs
Install Moodle
·1834 words·9 mins
Linux Moodle


(re-)Starting Career as an Educator at Dicoding
·153 words·1 min
Dicoding educator
Mengelola Catatan/Jurnal di GitHub dengan GitJournal
·249 words·2 mins
Jurnal GitHub Markdown Flutter